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We are proud to open Sakura Yakitori & Sushi, our first full-service restaurant in Happy Valley, OR. At Sakura, we will serve our interpretations of Japanese-inspired yakitori and sushi dishes, sourcing the best ingredients we can with a team committed to excellence in quality and service. We want to challenge ourselves in both creativity and continuous improvement so that we can be proud of what we serve to our guests in our Happy Valley community.  


For the unfamiliar, yakitori is a Japanese style of grilling food that is portioned on skewers. Literally, yakitori is Japanese for “grilled chicken,” (yaki – grill, tori – chicken). However, practically all kinds of proteins and vegetables can be used. At Sakura, our yakitori menu is a major component of what we want to serve, so we are excited to offer a variety of quality proteins and vegetable options for our guests.


The other major component of our menu is our sushi menu. Sushi can be translated to “vinegared rice,” and it is traditionally served in the form of nigiri – a carefully-crafted, bite-sized union of sushi rice and (typically) fish. At Sakura, we want to honor this style of traditional sushi by offering a great selection of nigiri while also serving our own creations of specialty nigiri and sushi rolls. 


First and foremost, Sakura Yakitori & Sushi is simply a restaurant that our guests can come to enjoy great food, drinks, and ambience, but we do hope that Sakura can become more than just a place to eat. Our ongoing goal is to offer a space of comfort and escape, where our guests can gather and share a meal together under our cherry blossom tree, and where memories can be shared and be made.

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